Test Results

The following are renderings of actual Radar Cross Section (RCS) patterns taken of the Tri-Lens and Mini Tri-Lens along with four of the most popular reflectors on the US market today. (Davis Echomaster, Mobri S-2, Mobri S-4, and the Firdell Blipper) The testing was conducted by the US manufacturer of the TriLens, Rozendal Associates, Inc. in one of their anechoic chambers on November 17, 1999. The frequency was 9.5 GHz. The polarization was horizontal. This is the frequency and polarization that is a marine standard. The pattern of each reflector is approximately 120 degrees wide.

You can assume the reflected pattern would look very similar for 360 degrees. The area of 1 square metre and 2 square metres is marked on each pattern. The Tri-Lens and Mini Tri-Lens have a far superior signature than that of any other pattern. The other patterns have some peaks but many areas fall below 1 square metre and even go below 1/10th of a square metre. This would be very difficult for a ship's radar to see. Ideally the more pattern above the 1 or 2 metre line, the better the performance of the reflector.

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