Tri-Lens Radar Reflectors

Mini TriLens $205.00+GST For small boats & emergency use
Standard TriLens $450.00+GST For Vessels 9m & longer
Large TriLens $910.00+GST For Vessels 14m & longer

All of the above include mast mount and cabin mount

If you are out in your boat, motoring, sailing, or just sitting passing the time of day you should ensure that you are seen on the radar screen of other vessels that are moving in your vicinity. Normally your vessel is too small to be seen effectively on another vessels radar screen so if you are among water traffic as in shipping lanes or sitting fishing or stopped in a fog or poor visibility you are in danger of being run down by any of these other vessels.

By carrying a radar reflector you can enhance the reflective radar signal from your vessel so that you show up as being much larger and more noticeable in comparison with other signals. This gives the other vessel more notice of your position so that it has time to take avoiding action if necesary. As very large ships can take a couple of miles to manouvre, the earlier that they have warning of your position the safer it is for you. Be safe, Be seen. Some radar reflectors are better than others. Some are only effective when they are perfectly still; rolling and pitching due to wave action deflects the radar signal back in the wrong direction. The TriLens Radar which is based on US Defence Department technology, reflects the signal back at all angles of rolling and pitching and is therefore the best radar reflecting device of its type available in the world. The TriLens Radar Reflector ensures that the radar signal from another boat to your boat is properly reflected and magnified so that you show up on the radar screen of the other vessel whatever the prevailing sea conditions. The Trilens reflector is made in three sizes to suit the size of your vessel and give you total piece of mind when traveling at sea in day or nightime. The mini TriLens gives a return signal equivalent to a reflector of .6 to 1 square metres, this is from a device approx. 20cm wide. The slightly larger (30cm) standard TriLens gives a return signal equivalant to a reflector 2 - 4 square metres in size. The large Trilens (which is fitted to all US Navy Trident submarines to ensure that they are seen on aproaching radar when they surface) gives a return signal equivalent of up to 10 square metres of reflector. These reflectors require no batteries have no moving parts, so are totally failsafe at all times - there are no mantainence worries ever, with this unit.

Here is a piece of safety equipment you cannot afford to be without. It requires no maintenance, it can't break down and with it you will greatly reduce your chances of being run over by a dirty great big ship

A vessel fitted with a TriLens Radar Reflector is definitely a much safer vessel at sea.

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