Swimming Areas

Swimming AreasBuoys, barriers or float lines can be used to delineate swimming areas. Barriers physically keep vessels out by providing a 'fence' above the water. Float lines provide a visual delineation and buoys provide signage to deter entry. Buoys used to exclude boating from an area should be sufficient in number to create the impression of a boundary over which boats should not pass. Signage on each buoy will reinforce this. If using only a small number of buoys the buoys should be bigger. If a large number of buoys are used they can be smaller in size. It is important that any such buoys are all moored in a reasonably recognisable boundary line. For example a semi circle, arc or straight line. Float lines are generally used as a temporary installation as the lines will very quickly become fouled by marine growth and be under strain from extra weight and resistance to wave action. Barriers attract some fouling on the floats however this is easily removed if considered necessary. The growth will not impede the function of the barrier. The standard float and pipe barrier is an effective boat exclusion barrier however in use a s a swimming barrier it is susceptible to pipe bending caused by people playing on the pipe while having fun in the water. The continuous float type barrier will stand being sat on, pushed under and generally played around with. It is an attractive recreational facility and enhances the amenity of the swimming area. Its high buoyancy will support an exhausted person, its diameter is small enough to enable a swimmers arm to reach over to hang on.
Swimming AreasSwimming AreasSwimming Areas

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