Marker Buoys

BSA Buoys are designed & manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions BSA buoys are designed for longevity and safe handling
Standard buoys are supplied in small and large size flotation bases with standard or wide spars
Wide spar versions enable larger or more text
Reflector tape and NavgrafixTM – signage guaranteed to last the life of the buoy
BSA design features — reduce anchor block weight requirements
Unique design — helps ensure buoy stays in place during extreme events
Large attachment points
Light weight and easy to carry and install

Marker Buoys For Marine Navigation

A buoy uses a combination of colour, shape, signage and flashing light patterns to advise vessel operators. The buoy must remain in the same position at all times and be easily understood. Careful choice of text gives more readily understood signage. Wide spars provide more space for larger text size or more text for complex advice A well designed buoy is easy to install and if the buoy is initially properly setup with suitable mooring and anchoring systems it will stay in place for many years. For situations when authorities must manage recreational boating where danger exists (such as weir walls and the high water flows at outlets) floating barriers provide a greater degree of safety by physically excluding vessels from the area.

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