Data Buoys

Data Buoys

Data Buoys come in a number of sizes and configurations to suit the requirements of equipment weight, stability and data logging, and the local sea conditions. Data buoys could be classed as small medium and large although there are crossover situations where extra ballast or taller tops can be used. Consideration has to be given to any required navigation light, marks and/or radar reflector.

A small buoy if it has a hatch can provide hidden tie off points for data logger lines. These lines can be released to allow the data logger to float to the surface or they can be pulled up through an internal tube for data collection and cleaning etc. These small buoys generally cannot carry any extra weight of equipment above the waterline. They will support some weight below the buoy.

Medium sized buoys can carry small amounts of equipment perhaps weighing between 5 –20kg and supporting solar panels, antennas, lights and top marks.

Larger buoys can carry heavy equipment and large weights of battery and are capable of weathering offshore conditions. These large buoys can be supplied with various top sections for differing equipment and power requirements. The top sections are interchangeable. They can be removed leaving a false top in place for navigation purposes also.

Speciality mooring systems and mooring blocks can be used to reduce data corruption.

Data Buoys Data Buoys Data Buoys
Removable top hides the underwater acoustic telemetry equipment located inside on top of the buoy. This buoy holds a VR4 Global unit & has a clamp for the hydrophone cable. A radar reflector is completely out of sight Small buoy with cable outlet pipes These small buoys have an internal tie off point for the rope which holds a T-Pod for dolphin monitoring. The special anchor blocks have a pulley system for enabling the T-pod to float when the line is released.
Data Buoys Data Buoys
Data Buoys
  • Large lockable hatch
  • Multiple outlet tub
  • Racks and room for multiple electronic equipment
  • Solar panels flush mounted & shielded with polycarbonate
  • Interchangeable. top sections
  • False tops for navigation purposes
  • Sections can be carried by two people
  • Multiple mooring points, lifting points and service vessel tie-up points
Data Buoys
Data Buoys These larger buoys have many variations to suit equipment requirements. Features available...
  • Capable of carrying big pay loads of batteries and electronic equipment
  • Designed to resist plunging in choppy seas to enable data loggers to remain in a fairly consistent position
  • Large diameter central tube
  • Adjustable displacement with flotation collars and adjustable ballasting
  • Interlocking mooring blocks for easier installation and provision of a semi-sheltered environment for data loggers
  • provides four anchoring points for on-station location.
Data Buoys

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