Buoyage System
BSA Buoys are designed & manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions BSA buoys are designed for longevity and safe handling
Standard buoys are supplied in small and large size flotation bases with standard or wide spars
Wide spar versions enable larger or more text
Reflector tape and NavgrafixTM – signage guaranteed to last the life of the buoy
BSA design features — reduce anchor block weight requirements
Unique design — helps ensure buoy stays in place during extreme events
Large attachment points
Light weight and easy to carry and install

Systems of Buoyage in Australian Waters

There are two systems applying for Australian waters. One for ports and coastal waters which follows the IALA (International Associations of Lighthouse Authorities) System A of buoyage and one for inland waters. Generally lakes and rivers follow the system for inland waters but there are some variations between stats and sometimes combinations of both coastal and inland systems are used.

IALA System A for Australian Waters

Lateral Port& starboard buoys which are red and green respectively or piles appropriately coloured with port or starboard top marks
Cardinal Combinations of yellow and black with top marks and specific flash pattern lights to indicate the direction of safe water
Isolated Danger Red and black horizontal stripes. May have two black balls as top mark
No Boating Zones Yellow buoy– round or spar or pile with the lettering ‘NO BOATING’ The pile has a yellow cross top mark
Safe Water Buoys Red and white vertical stripes
Special Mark buoys Yellow the chart will indicate reasons for its position

Inland Waters (non navigable)

Red Buoys ‘STOP NO BOATS’ ‘SWIMMING NO BOATS’ Prohibited water Swimming area
Yellow Buoys 5 KNOT SPEED LIMIT Speed restrictions
Green ACCESS LANE Non-speed limited Access to shore Used for skiing areas
Red/Yellow NONE Special purpose for on water events, hazards and isolated dangers

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