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This revolutionary new TriLens Radar Reflector, using Luneberg lens technology, is rapidly becoming the biggest selling radar reflector in the boating market.

Every boat needs a radar reflector. A ship's radar system will only work with boats that are visible on radar and a radar reflector makes your boat visible. Radar systems typically require a minimum of 3 consecutive "hits" or blips on a ship's radar before the radar reflector can be acquired as a target. This puts a premium not only on the strength of the return signal but also on consistent coverage.

Now defence industry technology has been brought affordably to the pleasure boating industry to provide you with consistent coverage. Luneberg lenses have been used by the Navy, Army and Air Force for years as radar reflectors. The TriLens Reflector uses this technology to bring a far superior reflector to the market. The Tri-Lens Reflector has more angular coverage and higher radar cross section (RCS) than reflectors made of triangular or circular plates. The TriLens is most positively the most effective passive radar reflector for small boats in the world. There is no loss of performance when the boat is in heel or roll. It out-performs all others.

The Luneberg lens reflectors focus incident electromagnetic plane waves onto a reflector cap located near the back surface of the lens so that RCS (radar cross section) enhancement is provided over a conical view angle. This is what gives the Tri-lens its unique coverage signature.

Experts agree that the best radar reflector is the one that gives the highest radar cross-section and continuous coverage. The TriLens Radar Reflector is the best choice to meet these criteria.

Corner Reflector Footprint

The signal from the most commonly used radar reflectors (corner reflectors) has many peaks and valleys. There are many areas around the reflector where you will not be seen by another ship's radar. Corner Reflector Footprint

Corner Reflector Footprint

The Tri-Lens Reflector has a far superior signature. There are 3 wide peaks and just 3 narrow valleys. The Tri-Lens has the same maximum radar cross section as 30cm aluminium corner reflector clusters but has far more angular coverage. TriLens Reflector Footprint There is a better chance of being seen by another ship's radar in low visibility, high traffic or emergency situations.

TriLens Radar Reflectors are readily and quickly fitted and for emergency fitting they can be hung from a halyard. In smaller boats they can be stowed aboard ready for use.

Picture this scenario - You are at anchor out in the bay, quietly fishing...just minding your own business, enjoying the peace and quiet. Suddenly a fog rolls in. Around you, you can hear larger boats heading safely home using their radar to guide them in. You clutch your life jacket closer to you and hope/pray that they don't take you with them. Now if you had a TriLens Radar Reflector in your emergency kit you could hold it aloft and .................'ve never felt safer!

The safety implications are enormous. Vessels fitted with these TriLens Reflectors could be instantly located on the search radar of rescue craft whereas they would be lucky to be seen with a visual search when weather conditions have deteriorated or in fogs or at night. Vessels traveling or fishing in Coastal waters and using the TriLens Reflectors can be seen on ships radar in sufficient time for the larger vessel to take avoiding action if necessary. The TriLens Reflector is a passive system that has no moving parts, needs no power source and is therefore fail-safe.

Buoyage Systems Australia Pty Ltd tested the TriLens at sea last year when one was fitted to a vessel returning to Sydney from the Whitsundays. Response to the TriLens was excellent. At one stage the vessel called up a passing ship, which verified that the return signal was exceptional for such a small target.

A vessel fitted with a TriLens Radar Reflector is definitely a much safer vessel at sea.

TriLens Radar Reflector Specifications

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